Thursday, August 22, 2013

The scale is not your best friend

For many women, myself included, the scale is our first best friend when starting our fitness/weight loss journey. We rely on this best friend to tell us directly that we are losing 'weight' and indirectly that we are looking good. But I want to tell you that the number on the scale is not the 'ultimatum' when it comes to your health or your appearance!

I know many women still believe the myth that weight training makes girls “bulky” or “manly”. But that is not true.

Instead, you'll come to a point that you're shrinking in measurements and seeing more definition but your best friend wouldn't budge any lower. Why? Because when you build muscle, it takes up much less space because it is denser than fat. Still don't believe me?

From the photo, you know how much I weighed before. So can you guess my weight now?

Friday, August 2, 2013

A charming addiction

It is a trend from the ancient days. And now in the 21st century, we've fallen back in love with charms.

In fact, it is called a charm bracelet for a reason. Way back then, charms were worn as amulets or trinkets for good luck and protection against evil spirits.

You see, I got a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet as a birthday gift, and it's only natural that I feel the need to visit the store to familiarise myself with the brand and its sterling product.

The salesperson was kind enough to suggest that, "A charm bracelet must have a lucky charm - a cloverleaf or a horseshoe."

Hope I wasn't too rude to reply, "Oh, I don't believe in luck. I believe in hard work."

I may be attracted to the charms and addicted to the charming trend but I'm not charmed to the tradition of luck.

Can you guess which I picked?

I know I'm not the fashionable chic but I wish very much that I am.

Hence I chose fashion's capital city that leads the latest and most coveted collection for each season. Yes the lush charm with a rose gold plating Eiffel Tower is accompanied by a Sterling silver heart with syn. pavé zirconia and a golden stiletto.

As cited on Thomas Sabo's website, this particular charm is "a must-have for all those who love fashion!"

Are you charmed too?

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