Sunday, April 13, 2014

Migrating to Australia Good Meh???

Well, the hubster and I got back from our Melbourne vacation last week and on the day we arrived, I received an email from Ken - a stranger but a fellow Malaysian, who migrated to Australia some 10 years ago.

A homely person that I am, I love supporting Malaysian talents. You see the photographer who captured our anniversary moments while we were in Melbourne is a fellow Malaysian. And I felt honoured by the humble request from this fellow Malaysian to share a book that he had co-written with his brother, Michael.

Authors - Ken Soong and Michael Soon

The book title itself caught my attention since we've heard so much about how it's greener on the other side (or down under). So if you're dwelling with the idea of migrating to Australia, you ought to read the book "Migrating to Australia Good Meh???".

The book - Migrating to Australia Good Meh???

The book is published by Gerak Budaya and retailing at RM25 in MPH, Kinokuniya, Popular, Times Book Stores and other major bookstores across Malaysia and Singapore.

But from now until 30 April 2014, the authors are giving away free copies of their book to anyone who donates RM10 to any of the charities in the list provided, simply to promote some act of kindness among our community.
  1. The Association of Resource and Education for Autistic Children 
  2. Asrama Cahaya - Rumah Wanita Cacat 
  3. BOAS Home 
  4. House of Joy 
  5. MASIA Halfway House 
  6. Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Johor Bahru (Selangor Centre) 
  7. Persatuan Rumah Kebajikan Rita 
  8. PJ Caring Home 
  9. Pusat Cahaya Kesayangan 
  10. Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Kurang Upaya KIRTARSH 
  11. Pusat Kasih Sayang YWCA Klang 
  12. Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Taman Megah - Home 1 
  13. Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Taman Megah - Home 2 
  14. Rumah Amal Cheshire Selangor (Selangor Cheshire Home) 
  15. Rumah Amal Hashimiah 
  16. Siloam House Bhd 

For more detail on the home and how to make the donation, please visit Migrating to Australia Good Meh Facebook Page.

Ken was kind enough to attached a copy for my review and while my mind was still fresh with images and memories of beautiful Melbourne, I finished reading the book within one afternoon. It contains real stories of migrants from Malaysia and other countries as well, and you'll read how they succeed in their studies, careers and businesses in their new "home country".

In short, you can learn the hard way by thriving blindly. But I'd recommend you to read this book and learn from real life trial and errors that will aid in your informed decision-making and smooth transition to fit into your adopted "home country".

Feel free to get in touch with Ken or Michael on their Facebook Page, should you have questions or need further advice from them. They are very friendly Malaysians who will be more than happy to help clear some of your queries and doubts.

Happy giving to charity and remember to claim for a copy of "Migrating to Australia Good Meh???" from the authors.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Lay up not those short-lived earthly riches
which may be filched and ravaged by foxes,
Covet not the mountains of silver or gold
For treasure lies at the end of a rainbow

Monday, February 3, 2014


Hey you from the realm of complexity
Yes, you there ought to speed down
Quit the chasing, take it slow and steady
Let love embrace you from sole to crown
Only fools rush in, don’t you agree?
Halt the oar – and revel in being found.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Much needed TLC from Down To Earth

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about the so out-of-date Australian pop vocal group. They were so old school.

And in the world today, a woman needs much more than that kinda puppy love. A real woman pamper herself in tender loving care by taking care of herself, and most likely, her family too.

Well, I was introduced to Human Nature products when a dear friend gave me the body butter creme as a birthday gift. I love the scent and I love how it doesn't leave a trail of oiliness after application.

I must say, I'm truly blessed because I was also able to "test" their hair care range!

A general information - I have oil scalp and dry ends. And while I was browsing Down to Earth to select the products, I didn't know which to use. I enquired and the customer care personnel was kind enough to explain and made it so much easier for me to decide.

Voila! I chose the Natural Hair Care (Strengthening) Bundle in Cool Peppermint  that comes with 200ml shampoo, 200ml conditioner and a 50g Natural Hair Mask. The bundle is also available in Aloe scent, but I chose Cool Peppermint because it was the latest release with new formulation.

Human Nature Hair Care Bundle + Sunflower Beauty Oil
from Down to Earth

The strengthening shampoo acts to fortify hair to be stronger, healthier and shinier. And what I love most about this shampoo is the cooling sensation. On my first wash, I didn't know natural shampoos don't lather up into a "bubble room". I poured more than supposed to and I kind of had a "brain freeze" (I may have exaggerated a little bit) because we don't have a water heater, hence it's cold shower - rain or shine.

I fell in love with the shampoo right after rinsing because it doesn't leave my hair squeaky clean, meaning it is mild enough not to completely strip off my natural oils on my hair. To be honest, the conditioner does what a conditioner does - further nourishes the hair, leaving it smooth and soft.

So, besides feeling my hair is smoother and softer, I can't really judge what good these products have down to my hair until about 3 weeks into using this strengthening shampoo and conditioner, friends started commenting how healthy my hair look and colleagues even thought my goody hair was a virgin (from the invasion of chemical processes of colouring, perming, straightening).

I had my hair permed two weeks ago and boy, I can't begin to imagine how much money I'd be saving from moisturising hair treatment at the salon. The Natural Hair Mask is the saviour to the dry ends of my hair!

Oh, I forgot to introduce the magical Sunflower Beauty Oil (which I picked out as well). I added 2 pumps of the beauty oil into the hair mask and apply from mid section to the ends. The results? Super soft! You've got to try it to believe me.

I call the Sunflower Beauty Oil magical because of its multipurpose function. Besides running a drop through your hair for extra shine, the beauty oil is also a gentle yet useful eye make up remover. Packed with vitamins A, D and E, it's also supposed to erase stretch marks, get rid of dark under-eye circles, soften cuticles and lighten scars or pimple marks.

The hubster is just recovering from chicken pox and he loves the beauty oil that helps to lighten the pox-marks all over his face. I think in another 2-3 months time, the scars should visibly lightened.

The purchase process at Down to Earth is made so convenient with just a few clicks away and next thing you know, you hear a knock on your door and your orders are delivered right into your hands.

If you're looking for natural products for your hair, body and home or natural products for your loved ones or kids - click over to Down to Earth and you'll surely find something for everyone at home.

Monday, October 28, 2013

What my two mothers taught me

No, my dear father did not re-marry. And at this very moment, my parents are enjoying growing old together.

Anyway, my workaholic mum once told me that I could be anybody - a doctor (which got me dreaming to be a gynaecologist), a teacher (which inspired me to be a tutor in school), or a nurse (which turned me off completely). Anyways, her reminders are still loud and clear that whoever I choose to be, whichever job I end up with - be the best at it.

“Yes, even if you end up being a janitor,” she would say, “be the best janitor ever.”

My mum taught me to study hard (2.5 decades ago, there wasn’t such a thing as work smart) and work hard for a brighter future. As much as I am prescribed with short-sightedness, back then my vision was truly as far as my arm's length. I couldn’t see that far off to a bling-bling future. What I did see was studying hard and getting scholarships every semester to help lessen my parents’ financial burden. So I made it my goal and nailed it.

Lesson from my mum: I can have anything, so long as I set a goal and fight for it.

My go-getter personality is balanced out by what I learn from observing my homemaker mum (in law). She teaches me about patience and making peace, and while career is important, so is family.

I think her “kungfu” in the kitchen does reaffirm the saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But truth is that besides being healthier and cleaner, cooking is one of the languages of love. Some buy jewelries, some pick flowers, some make cards as an excuse to drop by. Hence, I bake (sometimes).

And by taking care of the family, you learn more about each family member - their likes and dislikes, their personalities and moods. And by understanding their behavioural patterns, you can be more than just a wife or a mother or a grandmother. You can be a friend whom they can turn to... No wonder mothers (in general), they can sniff you out in an instant.

Lesson from my mum (in law): I can have anything, but if I don’t, I still have my family to fall back to.

Of course, I’ve learned a lot more than this work-life balance from two of my mothers. This is merely one piece of the overflowing nuggets of wisdom I’ve pocketed so far, and still pocketing. *blessed*

Here's to my awesomest mothers and all the great mothers around the world… you are the queen of my heart!

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