Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two To Tango

Yes, Tango turns two today.

There are a few friends we'd like to thanks for helping with Tango's adoption fees. They believed in us to give Tango a good home, although many times in the first few months, we had wanted to give him up. For the work needed. For the mess he did. For Pepper's feelings.

But it would be just too irresponsible of us. We are not expecting to bag the 'Super Caregiver' award and we definitely do not intend to add 'Worst Caregiver' award under our belt.

It will be like we adopted a baby. Then realised he was not what we expected him to be, and decided to give the baby up. We can't do that to Tango. He is not just another silky terrier but like a child, he is life.

He gives us a chance to love him for who he really is. And we give him our heart. He has shown us his true colours from the moment we met him at the shelter. And we have shown him what having a family is like.

If I had to relive 2011, I would adopt Tango all over again.

Have a blessed birthday little boy! We love you.

PS: Bake your own cake for your furkids. Healthy and cost effective.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Affordable Ride With Hyundai

Annyong haseyo!

My current addiction is Korean drama. And I can't help but to notice only massive Korean brand and product placements throughout. I must say we fall short in propagating 'I <3 Buatan Malaysia'.

Nonetheless, besides the Korean mobile accessories, which I will write about later, let me share with you my current 'interest' in Hyundai cars!

Yes, I'm not a car enthusiast, but I'm looking at Hyundai Elantra, which ranked #4 out of 41 small affordable cars based on an in-depth analysis by U.S. News editors.

Hyundai Malaysia's Facebook
What attracted my attention to it is its stylish exterior and of course a sensible shopper that I am, the Elantra has high fuel economy.

I mean it's just a means of transport to get from point A to point Z, and I'm pretty sure Elantra makes a great daily drive around town in the littlest roads in Penang. If you take a good look at the beauty, you will think I paid more for it than I actually did.

Yes, it's that deceivingly attractive!

Now, check out some affordable Hyundai cars for yourself. You'll see why I'm so right.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Day The Earth Shook Twice

In the evening, after all the commotion and drama.

With Pepper in my right and Tango in my left arms, I took the stairs down, lingered with the neighbours and walked all the way up again. That's 20 minutes of bicep exercise.
Phew! I think I won't lift my hands for the next week!

When the earth shook again, I strapped them up ready to leave. But my hands and legs were to weak to run, so I sat down and held them both.

Nonetheless, this little exercise means nothing compared to what the quake may have caused.
I pray that everyone's safe.

Happy praying for Mother Earth!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beachy Weekend

When we were kids, a trip to the beach was a thrilling experience. Back when the sea water was still crystal clear, and there was a waterfall in botanical garden. Those were the days...

If you remembered, we celebrated our 10th anniversary at the beach with last year in April. That was before we adopted Tango.

The hubster wanted to spend some precious time, just the four of us. And randomly, he decided to "let's go!" on the weekend in early this month. So on a beautiful Saturday evening, we head over to our beloved less-clean beach... just the four of us.

All excited to hit the beach.

We're here! Almost...

 It was Tango's first trip to the beach.

 Tango is a gentleman. And sure enough he attracted the girls! Hope he's not a heart-breaker ;)

 It's a joy watching them have fun. It's fulfilling to know they'll come running back to us.

 Have I already mentioned Tango is a fearful boy. He's even scared of the water.

 I love my family. No amount of words can describe how blessed I am to have each one of them in my life.

More than just whether the sea was clean, the sand was soft or the weather was perfect.
In the end of the day, it's the moments we share that will forever be etched in our memories.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

CarSifu: The Master Of Cars

I know very little about cars. When it comes to cars, the hubster will make the call. The only decision I make would be the colour.

Recently when a friend was hunting for a Proton Exora, he shared his two cents worth. Honestly, I didn’t get what he was saying, but while googling online, I found CarSifu, Malaysia’s leading car classifieds website. It features over 10,000 cars for sale posted online all across Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and Johor.

I spotted the car he wanted, and I thought the number plate was cool. The only problem would be the location of the car. It is all the way in ‘greater Kuala Lumpur’! Nonetheless, he can have his first drive back with his new baby if he decides to buy it.

So I told him to check out CarSifu – Proton Cars For Sale.

Source: CarSifu
A 3-year-old car with 35,000 mileage is good. At least that’s what I was told. So I very proudly asked for commission for recommending him CarSifu website.

That’s when he smugly replied, “My baby’s coming next week!”

I was like WTH? All the trouble I went through, helping him searched high and low for his car! Well maybe not. It’s more like just a few clicks.

Nonetheless, CarSifu came to him handy because he needed to sell his existing Proton Gen-2. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across his classified at CarSifu.

Happy car-shopping!

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