Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turn doubt into hopefulness

Yes I’m crazy enough to believe I can finish the half-marathon. 

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. I’m not saying I’ll finish among the top 20 or the top 50. But I will finish it within 3.5 hours. Even if I finish last, I will clock in for the finisher medal. I'm not even dreaming big yet...

And when you’re committed to something crazy, something that means a whole lot to you, there will be people who will pull you down and try to trample your goal right in your face. What's funnier? Some of these people are those who do not know you. Who do not know how hard you've trained. And who do not know how far you've come.

So, don’t ever give them the permission to steal your dream. Don’t let their fear or inferiority thwart your plan.

Because they don’t have the slightest idea of what you’re capable of. Because it’s your dream, and not theirs.

When you face such people, it’s your chance to prove them wrong. It’s your chance to prove you are serious. And you will succeed.

Don’t take their opinion as boulders of impossibilities, but take it as stepping stones of opportunities.

I believe dreams are worth fighting for. Dreams are not envisioned to remind us of what will never be, and they are not reminders of a lifestyle we cannot achieve. Instead dreams are visions of what our mind knows are possible. So be fearless and be determined knowing that you can achieve anything your heart and mind can imagine.

If your heart and mind believe you can achieve it, why let someone else, or someone who doesn't know you, say otherwise?

So take intimidation as a challenge. Draw strength out of it and rise up!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Take it up a notch

Do you know that our body is smart?

If you make your body do something repetitively, it will eventually get used to it and become so good at it that you don't even have to work that hard anymore.

A simple example is driving.

Do you remember how your journey to work today was? Do you recall how many times did you change gears or look into the mirrors?

I doubt it.

But surely, you did all what was necessary to drive and arrive at work safely this morning.

That is the reason, even with workouts, we need to keep changing it up. So, variation is the key to avoid plateaus.

So yesterday, I did 5 sets of this combo workout. It's very lightweight, and if you're a beginner like me, it's perfect for you!


The workout:
  • 20 sit ups
  • 12 bar squats
  • 20 knee pull-ins
  • 15 tricep dips

If your fitness goal is similar to mine - run a half-marathon - it's time to burn off the extra and get lean to run faster. Try it and share your thoughts.

Happy running off the extras!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Man Up Your Workout Sessions

D’you know the thing about most women? We like to do things in packs – even going to the restroom. It’s great to have company most times, but at certain times, it can be really distracting. Especially when we hit the gym with a buddy, we might end up gossiping more than we burn calories. Hence, I've decided to sign up for a gym membership along.

Taking the cue from men, they are independent. The hubster loathes shopping with me because I can’t decide which leads to a lot of his time wasted waiting for me. Anyway, I've learnt to be on my own since I was as young as 3 years old so I’m fine doing things on my own. Besides, when you hit the gym by yourself, the only thing between you and the treadmill, is well... yourself.

I would usually turn the volume on my phone down, only answering important calls. Other calls can wait until after. If you can’t keep control of yourself, turn off your phone. You can catch up on Facebook, Twitter or chatting when you’re done working out a sweat.

Like I always say, there is a time for different activities. So step up your workout routine. Push yourself outside your comfort zone, add adventure to your workout and increase your level of intensity. That is the key to make you stronger, more agile and better prepared for any challenge.

Let’s do it like the boys – go hard or go home. 

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