Monday, October 31, 2011

My Abode Was Demolished!

This was my private corner.

Where I eat...

And where I play...

And where I sleep...

The last time I was in my private corner, I amazed mum by leaving my toy standing.

I'm both happy and sad that dad demolished my abode.

Happy that I can be with Pepper.

Sad that I don't have a personal hideaway.

Of course I'm more glad than not.

Check out what Pepper and I did when we were home alone.
With lots of love,

Friday, October 28, 2011

Real Steel, Real Deal

If you agree with the title, you'd probably have watched it. If not, go watch it now, like TODAY!

Source: Google image
I won't be writing a review since you can get noteworthy reviews online or from word of mouth. Beyond the visually flabbergasted CGI glamour is a heartwarming story of defining love and respect between father and son.

In life, we are always fighting. For something or someone.

Toddlers fight for the tele. School children fight for their exams. Men fight for their career. Women fight for their rights. A single mother fights for her children. A desperate father fights for his home.

It's part and parcel of life. These short term goals we set through out our lives continue to give us a purpose in living and keep us moving forward. So, yes the real deal about Real Steel is fighting for love with everything we have.

When I say fighting for love, the love can be many different things for different people. It can be tangible materials and intangible desires. In the context of the movie, the loves were money, family, gym, honour, passion, forgiveness, redemption...

My heart ached to hear Max (Dakota Goyo, who played the son) say, "I want you to fight for me!" That answer to me, reflects abandonment or rejection.

Do you hear a certain love in your life yelling, "I WANT YOU TO FIGHT FOR ME"?

Maybe it's your aging parents or your autistic child.
Maybe it's your lonely wife or exhausted husband.
Maybe it's your passion for music or football or painting.
Maybe it's the distinction in school or promotion at work.
Maybe it's your physical appearance of spiritual health.
Maybe it's the house or vacation you can't afford.
Maybe it's something you believe in.
Or maybe it's yourself.

In the end, it is about love and every single thing that you fight for.

On a side note, the ending of Real Steel was unexpectedly realistic and I loved it for that. When you expect the plot where the protagonists win the match and title, they hit a home run and win hearts!

Sometimes, it's not about the glory of winning.
Sometimes, it's about the courage of fighting.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Battle Within

Since winning the iPad 2, I have been in commotion. It was a decision that would completely change my life. The one thing I believed in and how people would view me. Yes, the matter in question is my religion. Literature.

To be precise, it was about reading and obviously, books. I was torn between my love for one and my love for the other. You didn't know you can have an affair with these two loves? Yeah, me neither until the birth of eBooks.

More comprehensively put, it includes switching over from physical books to digital edition. I love paperbacks, and I can never understand hardcovers. I mean it's so rhetorical with absolutely zero economical and convenience value for the passionate reader. And the loose jacket over the hardcover is one of the most agonising experiences I've ever had during reading. I had to be safe with hardcover jackets, removing them and placing them on a safe region before meeting Mr Darcy or Carrie Bradshaw or Stephen Covey.

Anyway, I love books just the way they are. I know I'm being a little drama-queen here.

But I really love the way they fit perfectly into my hands, the grainy, pulpy pages, the smooth matte finish of the cover, the subtle yet bold ridges of the book title and the smell of thrill and passion as I read along. If anything else, I love the smell of old books and the imperfect and stained pages. It makes the book wise.

To be honest, I have finished an eBook (Kisses From Katie by Katie J. Davis and Beth Clark) on the iPad 2 and I'm (shamelessly) half way into my second eBook now (will write a review soon). Well, thanks to the publishers, these 2 books are complimentary copies available for review via NetGalley and BloggingforBooks. So in truth, I have not buy any eBooks, yet.

Hence, my fidelity for the first love has not been tampered with. That's my justification anyway!

With all the tempting promises of convenience and savings, I can feel my mind and body being seduced nonsensically. How I can have over thousands of books at my fingertips... amazing init? It'll be perfect especially when travelling.

But for now, I won't be buying eBooks, yes at least for now. Visiting Borders or MPH has become habitual, and buying books a little too many that can last for a year has become one of my favourite pastimes. And now, I have 3 books on my desk, waiting lovingly for me to pick them up, which I will after finishing my current read.

I wonder how this love affair will end. I do not wish to have to come to a crossroad of choosing either one, and I do not hope to be writing an obituary in due time. I love them both just the way they are.

Happy staying true to what you love!

Monday, October 24, 2011

No Easy Way

Not in life.
Not in love.
Not in everything around.

There's no easy way out, and there's no easy way to success. Every achievement requires effort, sacrifice and hard work.

Haven't we read enough in history and books, how great men struggled to achieve their goals and dreams in life.

Remember that success doesn't come easily as many of us would love to believe. Hence don't quit easily in the beginning of the game. If you persevere, you have a 50% chance of winning in the second half. If you quit after the first half of the game, you have a 100% chance of losing.

Play the game called life with good sportsmanship, starting the race and making sure you reach the finishing line, no matter what.

Happy playing the games of life!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

About jamieywrites

This page is created to share more about what jamieywrites. With a few inquiries, I thought it's about time jamieywrites an official introduction. *wink*
as jamiey writes it was created to satisfy my passion for writing when I quit my job as a Conceptual Writer about 4 years ago. Taking a one-year break from the advertising world, I started to blog as an excuse to keep my 'skill' in use. 

Now, back as a Creative Writer, jamiey(still)writes from the heart for the hearts in the blogosphere. Sometimes random thoughts and occasionally musings of the high and low lanes, but, most times the writings are reflections of the past, present and future. 

As the blog title says it all, as jamiey writes it | life. love. and everything around is all about life, love and everything around as jamiey writes it.

jamieywrites about...
- animals (mostly Pepper, Tango and dogs)
- beauty
- blessing
- gadgets
- health
- life
- love
- makan (food)
- masak-masak (cooking)
- places
- poems
rendezvous (parties & events)
- reviews *new 

But read at your own risk as jamieywrites for mature readers. Don't go whining if a post pierced your ego. Most probably it wasn't about you but like a two-edged sword, it cuts me and it cuts you. I write to learn, I write to be better, I write to remind myself. Because I ain't perfect and I won't be perfect, not ever in this lifetime. So, if I (you) feel the sting, just go and do some changes.

I believe that learning is a life-long process. And through our everyday encounters, we are bound to learn something new. That is the reason I enjoy reading - as we step into a book, we will step out with new knowledge, new feelings, new thoughts and even beliefs. Hence, I read to be inspired and I write to inspire.

I wrote this before that language is our being. In truth, we breathe language and we live language, and we dream them. It shapes our thoughts, which is turned into words through our speech. Like a bridge that connects the two sides of the shore, language is a channel that communicates the past with the present and the present with the future. Language is the way we create our goals and aspirations, share them with others, and make them come true. 

That is the reason I write... to document past events, to remember sweet memories, to affirm my dreams, to share random thoughts and to remind myself that writing, itself is a gift and demonstration of God's love. Hopefully, this love is contagious enough to inspire hearts and minds. 

People say language is magic, jamieywrites... the writer is the magician.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dedicated To Little Yue Yue Hit-And-Run Case

We've gotta do some soul-searching and understand the words - human, humanity and inhumanity. In this incident, the people didn't just rob a young life, they robbed Little Yue of a full life; they didn't just rob a daughter and sister of the family, they robbed a friend, a niece, a granddaughter, a little girl... They robbed human of the rightful 'human' title.

When I first heard about this piece of news, I thought to myself, "At least drunk drivers, were drunk. The van and lorry drivers, and the passersby were all conscious enough to even steal a look, stop to look and steer away from her injured body."

Anyway, don't phone and drive. Don't hit and run. Don't see and ignore.

We can do better than this. We are better than this.

Source: Google image
It happened so quickly, something must've knocked me over
Lying under the van, between the front tyre and the rear tyre
I groaned in pain as I watched blood form a little pool of red
In a swirl of dizziness, my eyes yelled for my mum and dad!

That's when I felt the whole world collapsed and rolled over me
The pang of pain was excruciating, I was completely out of energy
"Hey Mr Van, please tell me brother I'm too tired to play hide-and-seek."
Not even enough strength to cry but tears just trickled down my cheeks.

Weakly, I looked at Hope 1 walked past without looking at me
At least Hope 2 slowed down his bike but just to look at me
Hope 3 walked further away, as if disgusted by my soft moans
Mr Lorry could've been Hope 4 but he crushed my little bones

So many Hopes passed by, I lost count how many
They said 18 Hopes until a street cleaner moved me
to the side, shouted for help and raised the the alarm
The pain felt like an ant bite as mum held me in her arms

Now battling to stay alive, doctors pronounced me brain dead
But I can still hear mum's cries and dad's sniffles by my bed
"Please don't be sad because even if my days here are taken,
My life book doesn't close with an end, but a new beginning in heaven."

Happy living up to the 'human' title!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A 5 Million Dollar Cheque Richer

Our niece blessed us with a 5 million dollar cheque from Angry Bank :)
Don't you just love their generous heart and simple mind?

Happy living life in simplicity!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Case Of An Accident

Once, I put in too much water into the rice cooker, and the rice turned out a little porridge-like. To cover up the 'cooking error' I told the hubster, "This is my special recipe, soggy rice" and he loved it.

A few months later, he said, "You haven't cooked soggy rice for a long time, when will you cook again?" I was speechless... o_O

So I admitted that was an accident recipe.

This morning, I cooked porridge. It looked like porridge before I left for work.

Looks like porridge right? :P

At brunch, the hubster was surprised to see SOGGY RICE! It's been awhile and he enjoyed it ;)

As the adage goes "when life give you lemons, make lemonade". So when life gives you rice cooker, cook rice.

Happy loving life as it is!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy THREE-ling Birthday Pepper

On her medical card, her birth day only indicates October 2008. So we decided to date it on 10 October for easy remembrance *wink*

Among other vegetables and fruits she loves, I found out she loves carrots too when I was cooking meals for the hubster. So I decided to bake carrot cake and celebrate her birthday very ordinarily yesterday. Besides, it's the sort of cake I would love to eat!

If you remember, I didn't have an oven and I still don't have an oven :P

While I was googling for "no bake cake for dogs", I found rice cooker carrot cake (for human)! Yeah, I had the same expression too when I first found out. But it seems simple and fun... I was thrilled to bake and the two kids were thrilled for treats :D

So I modified the yummylicious recipe for dogs.

Preparation time: Approximately 90 minutes

Ingredients to serve 6:
 3 medium eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup rice flour
3 medium carrots, grated
1 teaspoon olive oil

  • In a large bowl, beat together eggs and 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
  • Mix in flour and stir in carrot.
  • Grease the base of the rice cooker pot with some olive oil.
  • Pour in the batter, close the lid and press the 'cook' button.
  • The cooker will click to 'keep warm' after about 8 minutes even though the cake is not done yet.
  • Leave it to warm down for about 10 minutes, then press 'cook' again.
  • Repeat steps 5 and 6 a few round. To be sure if the cake is done, put a tester through the cake and it should come out clean.
  • If it is still a little wet, repeat steps 5 and 6 for another 10 minutes.
  • When the cake is done, remove the pot from the cooker and let it cool before turning over onto a plate.
  • Voila! It's ready to serve. Of course, let the cake completely cool down before serving to your furry kids.

Freshly baked from the rice cooker.

The birthday girl.

Made a wish and blew the candle *smile*

Come on, cut the cake already!

A slice to share with Tango.

Share 6 small slices with Shadow, Didi & Poco.

I think, I'm the kind of mum who will bake my kid's birthday cake... I think! :P

Happy THREE-ling Birthday Pepper!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Echoes Of The Rainbow (2010)

Among the many reasons I love Hong Kong films, one of them is that I can relate to the culture and social realism portrayed. And another, Chinese literature. They tickle my ears - so profound and poetic.

Listening to one of the elder spoke in coarse voice is not just enticing (at least I think it is captivating) but more importantly, I hear the depth of wisdom. That is why I love Hong Kong films although the subtitles probably couldn't 100 per cent express the actual meaning. At least I could grasp the literal meaning of the script. Otherwise, I'll just turn to my side and ask, "What did he say?" and sometimes, the hubster would be kind enough to 'educate' me. He knows I love literature. So most times when he hears wisdom, he will 'enlighten' me. Thank God for the hubster! *smile*

Loaned Echoes Of The Rainbow DVD from a colleague a few months ago, and the hubster and I love it, which we ended up buying the original copy. Wearing its nostalgic heart on its sleeve, this film expresses an innocent view of the world.

Source: Google image

This modest production by Alex Law is about a shoemaker (Simon Yam), his wife (Sandra Ng), eldest son (Aarif Lee) and youngest son (Buzz Chung) set behind a sad and longing 1960's old Hong Kong.

The film maintains a degree of escapade and innocence by filtering everything through the little brother's eyes and ears. Hence, it strikes a chord with children and receives euphoric response from young viewers, building up to great publicity for box office. I must say, Buzz Chung stole the show from Aarif Lee, from my opinion, whose acting was a tad stiff and plodding.

Marked by the East-West cultural mix and co-existence of the extremely rich and the desperately poor, the story makes a plunge into a weepy melodrama following the family's life of challenges, ups and downs, tears and laughter. And with that, poverty is sentimentalised in the mother's homespun wisdom about life being 'half, difficult, half wonderful' and in life, we must 'believe and have faith'. 

Genre: Drama
Director: Alex Law(罗启锐)
Starring: Sandra Ng (吴君如), Simon Yam (任达华), Buzz Chung (钟绍图), Aarif Lee(李治廷), Evelyn Choi (蔡颖恩), Paul Chun (秦沛), Alfred Cheung (张坚庭), Joe Cheung (张同祖)

jamieywrites 4/5 for Echoes Of The Rainbow.
jamieywrites 10/10 coin-worth to buy the original copy.

Happy watching!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs Walking His Talk

To the man who walked his talk.

"We're here to put a dent in the universe" 
You sure had! 

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life." 
You sure didn't. 

"We don’t get a chance to do that many things and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life." 
You sure did live life to the fullest. 

"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles." 
You knew better. 

"Being the richest man doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful that’s what matters to me."  
 Now, you can rest in peace knowing you've done many wonderful things...

Source: Google image
I'm an appleholic. Are you?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tango, I Love You Too

I came home last evening to cook dinner for the hubster.

I was at the sink, rinsing the rice. Tango came and sat at my heel (his body leaning on my ankle). So I turned around to take these photos. He is such a darling...

Here are other pictures I took some months ago of Tango waiting for me... while I was doing laundry and facebooking about him.

And when Pepper plays too roughly, he'll jump on my leg as if asking for help, "Please carry me."

You know how little boys grow up and they feel embarrassed when parents hold their hands or hug them, or play with their hair in public. While some years ago, it was perfectly great to hold them and hug them whenever you wanted but now they thought that they are 'wise' enough to do their 'thing' their 'way'.

Anyway, I hope I don't have to go through all that heartache when my little boy comes along, if he ever does.

For now, Tango is my little boy. He is always coming up to me. He is always waiting for me. He is always looking up to me for a 'cradle hold' or 'help hold'. I can hold him whenever I want, I can hug him whenever I want. When I'm busy, he'll just sit by my feet... waiting.

This is something no human can do. Not brother or sister, husband or wife, son or daughter, grandchild or niece or nephew, friend or neighbour. And honestly, neither can I. That is why dogs are labelled as man's best friend.

Instead of us having to remind him that we love him, Tango reminds me of my promise to him when I carry him home that morning in May - to care for him and love him. Each time I look into his eyes, I'm reminded of my promises to him as a friend, carer and mum.

Who doesn't want to be loved, right? Even animals do...

Happy loving your family, and happy loving your neighbour!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Meeting Luna In Australia

Mum met Luna last week and said she was a beautiful Beagle.
So she sent Luna an email and connected with her daddy Kevin.
They planned for us to paw all over Luna's blog on her Sunday Spotlight.

Come to think of it, maybe that's why Mum bought us new clothes on Saturday *smile*
We really think so!

How do we look? We love the green/white hoodie, so we'll be sharing...

So here we go, hopping to the land of Kangaroos!

Luna has a loving home. Her bed is so cosy. If we're not over on the other side of the screen, we'll jump onto her bed and snuggle for a bit :P

And she goes to school! Well, education will fight poverty! 

Nevertheless, we are home-schooled. 

I'm a little slow in learning because of my upbringing in my previously abusive home. But I will obey sit and come. I don't like sticks or anything in your hand that might be used to hit me. Not even a small piece of stick-it note.

Well, I can obey commands (when I'm not moody) such as sit, up, hand, other hand and roll. I'm the big sister who looks out for Tango, but I'll run at hide at the faintest rumble of thunder or the blast of firecrackers.

Anyway, Luna showed off her new toy! Mum asked if we want any toys. But we're not a fan of toys, so we left Luna to enjoy her playtime.

It was really nice meeting Luna. Although it was a virtual trip, and we have had a great time in her town, we have left our paw-prints on her blog. So we believe we'll be catching up with Luna more often online.

We are proud to be on Luna's Sunday Spotlight! Read it here.

If you'd like to be a part of Luna's Sunday Spotlight, send Luna an email!

P/S: It was nice meeting you, Luna and your daddies too!

Pepper & Tango

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