Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, Dear Love

I wish you do not shed another tear for me
I truly do not wish to leave your heart empty
I wish you would grant me this forgiveness
I really do not wish to see you in bitterness

Forgive me, I am at peace to walk this path alone
Be strong, this is a passage you can call your own
Stand up and run, if you ever fall for me again
Slowly but surely, time will heal this pain

As I leave with a heavy, unwilling heart
I could even feel the sting of this cut
It is the most difficult of all goodbyes
But a truth is better than a million lies

I did imagine myself as your perfect destination
Dawdling as I stared out at the sea in anticipation
But waiting is sometimes unbearable in a fantasy
And there is always a final stop in every journey

Just as the many changing facades of seasons
There are tears, guilt, devotion and patience
It is genuinely fate, love, wonder and innocence
That bring us together and bridge this distance

A thousand days may affect the crops and harvest
But a thousand storms cannot distress our love
I wish you no longer fear of letting me go
I hope we will some day meet again, though

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today's Roadtrip

We've planned for a bigger group for this roadtrip... We missed another car-load of friends, but at least we made this happened. Next round, we'll have more people, definitely! Meanwhile, enjoy the captured moments below.

We arrived at Gunung Lang after 2 hours of drive,
bought the ticket at RM3 and the captain immediately said, "Let's go!"

Mr Alvin is a very friendly man who had worked in Gunung Lang for 10 years.
He even asked us, "Why he didn't pay for all of you? Modern times now."
Well, among all my guy friends, he is the one who doesn't pay for any of us *smile*

Beautiful view that stole my breath away~~~

Intruders! They were stealing the ostrich's food!

It posed for the camera! How cool is that?!!

Sang Kancil! (I think, or I hope them to be)

3 girls in the sun

It was hot, but the weather is perfect for the camera...

We went up the tower to capture this awesome beauty!




You can alsmost taste the powdery waterfall...

After a morning full of photos, we headed over for lunch.
Local and HK celebrities were patrons of this restaurant!
Well, we are celebrities too *wink*

Yummy! But a little too oily...

Then we headed over to get the all famous Ipoh heong peng.

Ready to be baked...

I didn't know it was done this way!

Did you know? If you didn't, now you know!

Heong peng still hot from the oven...

Told you we are celebrities!
We only buy from where other celebrities had been *lol*

After lunch, we continued with some walk-xercise at gua kek lok thong.
It was very cooling in the cave.

Ipoh Parade! The main purpose of this roadtrip.
We arrived at 1.30pm, after buying a pair of pants, Moc kidnapped my camera to the centre court to take pictures of Raymond Lam. I don't know who he is, but I believe some of you do know...

Anyway, we went to papparich for dinner after.
Then we headed north for home.
It was a tiring trip, I loved it to bits nonetheless.
I will do this roadtrip again, very soon!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seaside Living I Heart

You could practically taste the salty air, just by looking at this breathtaking picture. I'd love to let inspirations flow in and through the fresh sea breeze as I write-away in this little paradise, or just daydream to help me through those rainy days.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

*Delayed Post* Bukit Merah 4 & 5 Sept 2010

It was cloudy when we arrived at 3pm, but the view was beautiful!

We decided to take a bike ride around Bukit Merah, only RM5/hour.
so here we go...

On the way towards the bike rental counter, a family was feeding the ducks

Look at these two... they melt my heart *smile*

So, I got onto the bike!

I had retired 10 years ago, after a minor accident of me hitting a Mercedes.
But now, I'm enjoying it!

I did cycle around, I didn't just pose for the picture =)
It was spectacular!

After the ride, we cool it off with some ice cream =)
I would have chosen chocolate, but any dessert makes my day anyway...

Then we headed to the pool and I caught adrian in action before water baptism

Briefing before everyone gets into the pool

After washing up, we had dinner.

But I had to have my sophisticated meal while others feast...

After feeding our physical body, we got ready for some spiritual bread

Praise and worship, then the Word

The next day, we had the sunday praise and worship, and the service before heading to lunch. Poor Chris had to eat the flooded rice because he made me ate flooded rice last week during lunch at work!

Then we bid Bukit Merah goodbye.

We learnt a lot about unity and we get to know each church member better, truly a well-spent time together as a family unit of God.
But I will not go there again. *oops*

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wasted Time

I halted and looked back halfway through
Time that had passed us by without a clue
I felt a glimpse of regret simmering within
How would the last six months have been?

I thought I do not measure up to you
You thought, I am reserved and cool
Besides professional affairs, we said hi
More than occasional jokes, we said bye

I heartily wish I had taken the initiatives earlier
We would have understood each other much better
With just a few precious days left before november
It's still not too late now, to really get to know each other.

Happy making friends!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Design your own life, make a difference
Do not be impulsive, but have patience
In your own ways, you are gifted indeed
Believe and have faith, you will surely succeed

The roads may be rocky
The journey may be stormy
But remember before the rainbow
Cloudburst will first, steal the show

Some days, it may be smooth sailing
Some days, it may be awfully grueling
But do not ever give up making your voice heard
For one day, your efforts will be appreciated

Wait no longer, now is the time to unfold
With the first step, more steps will follow
Keep focused and keep your dreams in sight
The path will eventually lead you to the light

Have faith and continue to aim high
You'll see your dreams soar in the sky!

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