Monday, August 31, 2009

Mr Sunshine

I'm not a whiner by nature. I have always weathered through storms, ups and downs, on my own - without murmuring or complaining. Where do I get the strength to do so, you may ask me. And I'd boldly tell you that it's from God.

I missed Mr Sunshine! 

I didn't realise I've taken him for granted all these years. How I was quite annoyed with his presence. The hot moments we have, he made me sweat so much! In his warm embrace, the tingling of heat made my skin flushed red.

How we take people or even things for granted until we lose it, finally! 

 Most of us only feel the 'presence' at the absence of the person or thing. I must admit, it just happened to me these few days.In the last few days, Mr Sunshine was not around. The days seemed gloomy, and the nights seemed endlessly chilling. The pain was excrutiatingly unbearable - it was brutally cold!

That's when I miss his warmth breath, his loving touch and his hot kiss.

Today, is my lucky day! I met Mr Sunshine! even just a glimpse of him made my day.

We had a short time together today. Maybe we haven't met for a while, I didn't feel too comfortable with him.

But definitely, we'll have more fun-loving moments!

Love you lots, Mr Sunshine! Hope to see you everyday!

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