What jamieywrites?

This page is created to share more about what jamieywrites. With a few inquiries, I thought it's about time jamieywrites an official introduction. *wink*
as jamiey writes it was created to satisfy my passion for writing when I quit my job as a Conceptual Writer about 4 years ago. Taking a one-year break from the advertising world, I started to blog as an excuse to keep my 'skill' in use. 

Now, back as a Creative Writer, jamiey(still)writes from the heart for the hearts in the blogosphere. Sometimes random thoughts and occasionally musings of the high and low lanes, but, most times the writings are reflections of the past, present and future. 

As the blog title says it all, as jamiey writes it | life. love. and everything around is all about life, love and everything around as jamiey writes it.

jamieywrites about...
- animals (mostly Pepper, Tango and dogs)
- beauty
- blessing
- gadgets
- health
- life
- love
- makan (food)
- masak-masak (cooking)
- places
- poems
rendezvous (parties & events)
- reviews *new 

But read at your own risk as jamieywrites for mature readers. Don't go whining if a post pierced your ego. Most probably it wasn't about you but like a two-edged sword, it cuts me and it cuts you. I write to learn, I write to be better, I write to remind myself. Because I ain't perfect and I won't be perfect, not ever in this lifetime. So, if I (you) feel the sting, just go and do some changes.

I believe that learning is a life-long process. And through our everyday encounters, we are bound to learn something new. That is the reason I enjoy reading - as we step into a book, we will step out with new knowledge, new feelings, new thoughts and even beliefs. Hence, I read to be inspired and I write to inspire.

I wrote this before that language is our being. In truth, we breathe language and we live language, and we dream them. It shapes our thoughts, which is turned into words through our speech. Like a bridge that connects the two sides of the shore, language is a channel that communicates the past with the present and the present with the future. Language is the way we create our goals and aspirations, share them with others, and make them come true. 

That is the reason I write... to document past events, to remember sweet memories, to affirm my dreams, to share random thoughts and to remind myself that writing, itself is a gift and demonstration of God's love. Hopefully, this love is contagious enough to inspire hearts and minds. 

People say language is magic, jamieywrites... the writer is the magician.

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