Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Not a freeloader, no more with P1 ToGo

Thanks to the latest P1 ToGo campaign by Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd (P1).

You don’t have to “steal” or “hoard” Internet at selected WiFi locations no more, especially if you have multiple devices connected to the Internet simultaneously. Or your heavy consumption of high definition (HD) content and utilisation of large screen devices always never fail to leave your data limit depleted before the end of a bill cycle.

Then like me, you’ll love this P1 ToGo promotion campaign, which offers more value to users by giving unlimited data with speed up to 1Mbps at only RM115.53 per month!

 P1 MX230 Modem

I’ve checked out the MX 230 modem in the package that perfectly fits my Internet lifestyle – allowing multiple devices (including laptop, smartphones and tablets) to be connected and shared, indoor and outdoor, anytime while I’m on the go.

Now here’s the great news! If you subscribe online during the campaign period, you’ll enjoy free subscription for the first month.

So wait no more! Get your own Internet now at http://www.p1.com.my/mifi/.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Venessa Diamonds for the new year

Venessa Diamonds in the rough.

Well, at least in the rough for some 14 years ago.

And since then, Venessa Diamonds has continued to charm the hearts of Penangites with its sparkles. The brand today, is one of the top diamond retailers in Malaysia that reflects excellence and brilliance.

If you ask me if diamond is a girl's best friend, I would plainly and realistically reply NO. I personally think "diamond is a girl's best friend" is an understatement. Don't get me wrong, I love diamonds. But I believe diamonds do not make you sparkle, but diamonds merely reflect your already-sparkly personality and individual style.

And that is why, I thought it was fitting that the founder and chief operating officer of Vanessa Diamonds, Ms Khoo Seok Wah is the "Diamond Girl" herself - a nickname earned for her entrepreneurship success. Now, she would be a girl's best friend because she has the diamonds! *wink*

Well-known for its Haru, Marry Me, V and Platinum XI diamond collections, Venessa Diamonds has also launched a new series - Venessa Life Codes which offers gems and numerology reading.

"I Do" from Venessa Diamonds Marry Me Collection

For lovebirds, you'll be thrilled with the latest Valentine's collection! Be sure to swing over, and perhaps a string of love this Valentine's Day may eventually lead to tying the knot.

Perhaps, surprise your loved ones with a gift of luck that sparkles...

And if you're into antiques, Venessa Diamonds is in the midst of bringing back charms of the old-world to the modern-day luxury. I'm going to leave you with that, no spoilers here! *wink*

Never lingering too long in its comfort zone, even after being awarded the first diamond specialty store to receive the ISO certification, Venessa Diamonds has continuously scaled greater heights to stay on par with competition as well as consumer's needs and desires.

I'm not usually a pearl-person, but pearls are timeless classics. And when worn to formal dinners or functions, pearls stand out without excessively blinking for attention, while radiating a certain aura of power... subtly.

And I must admit gleefully that I love this Freshwater pearl necklace, and it can be worn as a bracelet too.

And this season, pearls are totally in! With Christmas that just passed, we'll be celebrating Chinese New Year in a blink of an eye. I'm not superstitious, but in the Lunar New Year of the Ram, I thought a timeless strand of pearls matches perfectly with the gentle nature of a ram. No?

Well, if you're still indecisive, holler over to Venessa Diamonds for a chat with their well-trained team to help you choose one that complements your personality and style.

Which piece of jewellery will you be picking out for the upcoming festivities?

Venessa Diamonds
87A Jalan Kelawei
10250 Penang.

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