Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Topshop & Topman, Queensbay Mall, Penang

My favourite brand is back! Hotter than ever with amazing re-opening RM50 cash voucher giveaway for the first 50 at the door on 30 May 2013.

Yes you're hearing it right, RM50 cash voucher for the first 50 - to get your shopping started. Try beating me in line either at Topshop or Topman in Queensbay Mall, Penang!

Who's the biggest fan now, huh? ;)

Happy shopping!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Meet my new best friend - Coffee!

Coffee was once my best friend, and it has become such a norm of life that I've taken coffee for granted. A few years ago, I compromised our friendship and decided to cut down on my consumption of coffee. However, I still remember...

How she wakes me up every morning.
How she soothes my nerves during mid-day stress.
How she keeps me going when I'm feeling not-so-myself.
Oh, just her scent, her aroma chases away the gloomy clouds hovering over my head.

During the Origins EnergiZing Workshop yesterday, I learnt a lot more about the benefits of caffeine and I'm rethinking about my friendship with Coffee.

I'm not an Origins user, but simply by looking at the brand, it gives me an impression of being an organic brand. And how right I was! Even their packaging is made from recycled materials.

The product in feature is GinZing™ Energy-boosting moisturizer, which contains Panax Ginseng and Caffeine (derived from coffee beans) for energy; and Olive, Wheat and Barley for moisture.

I took a sniff and my senses felt awakened! Although it smelled very orangey, the blend of citrus oils included Grapefruit Oil for anti-irritant benefits, Spearmint Oil for energy and Lemon Oil to dispel fatigue and increase concentration. (Aha, that made sense!)

All ingredients combined, they give Origins GinZing™ Energy-boosting moisturizer the 'power' to refresh and revitalise dull, tired skin!

Too good to be true? You can be rest assured because it is scientifically proven that after only one application, GinZing™ Energy-boosting moisturizer boosts skin's radiance, improves skin's hydration and makes the skin appear smooth and dewy.

So now, I'm making a vow to rekindle my friendship with Coffee, not in a cup but in a jar. Let's see if she can wake my skin up as she did with my morning cuppa.

For only RM100, it's such an affordable addiction and I (really) hope I'll be able to ditch all those excuses for not staying out late LOL ;)

Oh, I also found out that you can call Origins and book a mini facial session and bring home samples to try. Yes absolutely free! So why not book your sessions today, no harm giving it a try, right?

Happy getting a new addiction!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Expedition to Gawad Kalinga, Tanay Rizal Community Village, Manila, Philippines

Can't believe the CSR volunteer service happened so fast. And we have been backed from Manila for two weeks now.

As I sit down to reflect on the vivid memory, all I can recall are flashes of smiles.

Not the blistered feet from my torn shoes. Not the aching body from the manual labour. Not the throbbing headache from the lack of H2O. 

But the smiles and laughter of the little ones, and even the antics of all the Ate(s) and Lola(s) who were ever ready to entertain us.

From the one-week expedition, we only did approximately 8-10 hours of manual labour. Now imagine, another 1,992 hours to go in order to earn a house! Yes, the villagers are required to offer their manpower on site for a total of 2,000 hours to be eligible for one of the 200 sq ft houses.

During the closing speech, 
Teacher Arlene said that they were blessed to have us. But we were so much more blessed to be there. To be a part of all the efforts and hard work... and not just being able to help them in the littlest way we could, but also being able to learn to see things differently and to appreciate life as it is.

We saw the mothers and grandmothers cry. But I know that they cried not because they were weak but because they have been strong for far too long. Mine was tears of thankfulness that despite the hardships they had to go through, they didn't give up on life. And I pray that their prayers be answered as I saw many "God bless our home" signs but there was one that read "God bless our home...?" My only hope is that they don't give up just yet.

All the aches, blisters, bruises, sunburns, cuts, sweat, nosebleeds and dehydration... They were all worth it! Because this is one of a lifetime experience that cannot be bought, not even with the greatest wealth.

You simply have to be there to see their need, taste their goodness, hear their gasps, smell their courage, touch their hearts, and hopefully change their lives.

Happy giving back freely to the community, as life was freely given to you!

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