Monday, August 20, 2012

Are you an exclamation mark or an ellipsis?

This just came to mind. Like out of no where.

This post may seem disgusting to some, so be warned ;)

If you're an exclamation mark, you take a big dump once a day or once a week (if you're constipated).

If you are an ellipsis (blessed with healthy digestive system), you take a few small dumps a day.

Please don't tell me which you are. I can't take in the grossness. I just view some things differently and thought it'll be great to share them with you.

So the next time you see an ! or an ... while reading a blog post, you'll remember as jamieywrites it.

Do you have any quirky perspectives?

Friday, August 3, 2012

August Rush

Source: Google search
On the first day of August, I see myself unwrapping a new chair.

A new seat.
A new position.
A new challenge.
A new opportunity.
A new experience.

That act itself signifies stripping myself bare for this new role.
Mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety flooded over head and I felt my hands shaking as I unwrapped my chair.

Can I fit in?
Am I capable?
What will my colleagues think of me?

As I finished removing every bit of the plastic, I remembered Nelson Mandela quoted: It always seem impossible until it’s done. 

Today is my third day playing this role. And I fit in well, I’m able to deliver my work and my colleagues are welcoming.

So I’m ready for this new phase of life.

Let’s charge forward and close the year greatly!

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