Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Morning Musing

beauty is a verb

Found this at Lily & Thistle.

In fact Beauty Is A Verb is a ground-breaking poetry book that brings fresh understanding to poetry, beauty, the body and disability. The collection is powerful, funny, provocative and intense. It will expand not just how you look at the world, but also at ourselves.

Don't just be a beauty. Just beauty it!

Linking up with yeah write, an awesome writer's community, in hope to encourage all the beautiful women out there that beauty is a verb.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bewildering Photography by David Thian from Penang

More than just a simple 'SMILE!' or 'Say CHEESEEE!'. 
More than just a beautiful dress or dazzling heels. 
More than just immaculate make up or perfect hairdo. 

It's about lighting, angle, personality and creativity. 

Photographer David Thian does the magic of taking an ordinary and flashing it up to be extraordinary. You can connect with David Thian on Facebook and Twitter as well.
A few of my friends were privileged to have him captured their blissful wedding moments. Although I've heard of David Thian since forever, I was still doubtful.

I thought photography was merely techniques and lighting and angle and camera lenses, hence anybody can do it as long as they've been through enough training. While I got most of the parts right, I was wrong about personality and style - which differentiate one artist from another. And what makes David Thian stand out consistently is his personality: contemporary, focused and professional. 

So when I saw David Thian's professional studio photography promotion on esonetz, I was jumping with joy, literally. The package includes a hard cover album, table top with frame and a laminated poster at a 30% OFF. Now it's only RM570.

I ask a few photographer friends, and they say it's definitely a steal and I should give it a try. If you've been dying to get your attitude, youth or beauty captured by David Thian, this is your chance. Book a session with David Thian at esonetz with RM20 deposit and pay the balance of RM550 at David Thian.

Hailing from the advertising background, I would liken David Thian's presence in the photography industry to David Ogilvy's influence in the advertising industry. 

With David Thian's midas touch, everyone can be a model!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

You are not just a woman.

You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are loved.

Have a blessed International Women's Day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Quotable Thought For The Day

Just what's on my mind right this moment.
And it's what I have to be constantly reminded of.

Eleanor Roosevelt quoted in similar context: Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cuisine Bou Japanese Restaurant Penang

If you have read the book Japanese Women Don't Get Old Or Fat by Naomi Moriyama, you'd probably, like me, try to include a Japanese meal whenever you can.

I love Japanese cuisine and I particularly enjoy the presentation of Japanese food. They are always with flair and style.

I came across one of the Penang deals at esonetz featuring Cuisine Bou Japanese Restaurant. It's only RM13.23 for each 4-course Bento set. With 5 selections to choose from (Tempura, Salmon, Chikin, Saba and Beef), the set comes with rice, miso soup, yasaitame (some kind of fried vege), potato salad and green tea.

Cuisine Bou
Source: esonetz
It was really value for money because the same set would have cost a bomb at any other regular Japanese restaurant. RM13.23 is not so bad for a first trial ;) Nonetheless, since the dinner will include 5 other friends, I don't want to be stoned if the food turned out bad, I mean RM13.23 is still money spent for some.

So I googled to check how good Cuisine Bou is before deciding to grab the deal offered at esonetz. All I read were: good, tasty, fresh, thumbs up. What instantly hit me was a comment that most of its customers are Japanese. So it must be good, right?

So I've bought the deal at esonetz and eagerly waiting for the day to enjoy the meal with my dear friends.

If you haven't been to Cuisine Bou, this value deal is worth a try. At least if it does not live up to your expectation, it's only RM13.23. And if you're a regular Cuisine Bou customer, this is your chance to enjoy your favourite meal at a 'marked down' price.

So head over to esonetz and grab this deal... we might bump into each other ;)

Cuisine Bou is located at 292 Jalan Burmah 10500 Penang. It is behind Maxim Cake House in Pulau Tikus. It is open for lunch from 12.00noon - 2.30pm and dinner from 6.00pm - 10.00pm. Do note that they are closed on Wednesday.

Happy value shopping & bon app├ętit!

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