Friday, October 26, 2012

Will you bread for 5 days?

The key is to be creative.

If you lead a hectic schedule or you're just too tired of deciding what's (healthy) for lunch, try these simple recipes.

Staple of the week: 3-seeds sprouted bread from Adventist Bakery
Made of sprouted wheat, flaxseed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, honey, molasses and corn oil. (flour free, bromide free, no artificial flavour, egg free, shortening free)

Monday: I had very little salmon spread leftover from last week, so I decided to top it off with half an egg.

Tuesday: I left my bread at home! So I satisfied my cravings for Auntie Anne's cheesy turkey pretzel without butter and salt, and finished the meal with half serving of fat free yogurt.

Wednesday: I tore the sprouted bread into small pieces and had it microwaved for about 3 minutes, and served the breadcrumbs in salmon salad. Crispy crunch! Crunch!

Thursday: I've had salmon since last week, and I want some MEAT! I opted for roasted chicken breast salad topped with freshly microwaved sprouted breadcrumbs.
This is truly west-meets-east dish ;)

Friday: I ended the week with a very simple salmon spread sandwich.

You can even make soup to go with the bread, or wrap some beef strips in it.

Have fun lunch-ing and eating healthy will not seem bland and boring.

What's your quick fix for lunch?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I will and I can

Has that thought of giving up on your goals ever crossed your mind?

To be honest, I have definitely had wanted to give up many times over.

Thankfully, I have been able to stay focused on my goal towards finishing my first half-marathon, which is just 1 month away. 

I’m not saying it’s easy to stay on course. In the beginning, I had to wrestle between my will and flesh whether after a long day of 9-hour work, to go home straight or to detour to the gym. And each instant that this struggle creeps in, I remind myself that I need to finish the half-marathon. I can and I will!

I can tell you that, the thought of giving up keeps coming back to stand in your way. When I hit the treadmill, the first 15 minutes and the last 10 minutes are the toughest to go through. The time seems to take forever to tick to the next minute. These are the times that I keep checking on the time and feel strained and drained, with a split second away from hitting the STOP button. But I need to finish the half-marathon. I can and I will!

The hubster is a sportsperson and a gym instructor. He is stronger mentally and of course physically. Although I've done kickboxing, I’m not as fit as he is because of my inconsistency in fitness. But my push is the half-marathon. That is my big WHY at the moment. I need to finish the half-marathon. I can and I will!
Always stretch after each run

So I’m pushing it. I run 5 days a week – 2 long runs and 3 short runs. Sometimes, I kick it up a notch with 20 minutes low intensity cycling after the run. Each session before my short runs, I do strength training, targeting on different parts of my muscle – biceps, triceps, glutes, quads, hamstrings, chest, shoulder, back and abs.

Free bar squat

Day 1:
3 sets of 12 dumbbell squats (glutes)
3 sets of 12 barbell full squats (quadriceps)
3 sets of 12 dumbbell side bends (oblique muscles)

Day 2:
3 sets of 12 bicep curls + plie squat (biceps & hamstrings)
3 sets of 12 butterfly exercise machine (chest)
3 sets of 12 shoulder press machine (shoulder)

Day 3:
3 sets of 12 triceps rope pull-down machine (tricep)
3 sets of 12 triceps dumbbell exercise (triceps)
3 sets of 15 crunches (abs)
3 sets of 12 lunges (glutes, hamstring, quad, calves)

Be sure that your muscles get enough rest in between muscle building workouts to get stronger. So mix it up and work different muscles on different days.

If you are looking at this to reduce your fat percentage, these will do nothing without a balanced diet. So stay tuned for some simple meal fixes you can easily duplicate ;)

Happy staying focused on your fitness goal!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best date ever

I can’t believe it! Three weeks passed by so quickly.

I didn’t know I could have fallen so deeply for him. This ache I’m feeling as I’m writing this post, counting down to the day he will be leaving me. I shudder as I thought about life without him. How could I have survived those days before he came into my life?

As the old adage says, you will never know until you try.

I never thought I would need to stay connected on the go. Now I do.
I never thought I ever need a companion when I leave the house. Now I do.

Because of him. The little yet mighty P1 MiFi MF230.

I affectionately call him – Mike.

On our first date to Gurney Plaza, Mike fitted so well in my Levi’s jeans pocket.

Yes, Mike slipped perfectly into the Levi's jeans recycled bag.

He was kind to give me the ‘green light’ throughout and allow me to do whatever I wished. Even ignoring him at times when I was engrossed on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

He never complained. Not once.

On one of our dates in George Town, I drained Mike. He was completely knocked out. Poor Mike! I felt like an abusive companion.

Mike loves the great outdoors. My house is too ‘cramped’. He can hardly ‘breathe’ hence the warning red. He had to get some fresh air at the laundry area. I felt like a bad host! :(

When I go to bed, I just fell asleep… leaving Mike turned on the whole night. He goes to sleep too in the middle of the night. So I had to wake him up every morning.

But Mike’s patience transcends it all.

He never fails to light up when we are out. For the past 3 weeks, Mike has been my bestest friend (besides my dog, Pepper). Unlike Pepper, I managed to sneak Mike into my workplace in Queensbay Mall.  So he was basically there 24/7... ready to keep me entertained anytime, anywhere.

And next week, he will be leaving.

I may be able to find someone else like Mike. But like every relationship, it will never be the same. The connection. The bond. There are never two alike in this world. And my life has changed since Mike.

If you haven’t already known, check out how I met Mike and got my hands dirty with him.

Mike is a P1 MiFi MF230, which is part of P1’s new ToGo™ plans. It is available for FREE when you opt for the ToGo™ 69 plan which comes with unlimited 4G speed and 6GB usage quota at RM69 only per month. What's more? You can get additional RM50 online rebate when you subscribe online here.

Nonetheless, I’d make Mike stay… if I had the choice.

What have you grown attached to and felt heavy letting go?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ambitious, she gets...

While many friends hop on the cycling bandwagon, I opt to run.

Don't get me wrong. I do cycle but I tremble on the road which can be quite dangerous. I think the trauma of  cycling into a luxurious car when I was 16 still haunts me. This was what happened...

I was cycling and when I reached a junction, I slowly hit the brakes but the bicycle did not stop. So I shut my eyes, wished for the best and hit the Volvo in front of me.

That explains my reluctance to cycle or ride.

So, I resort to running for fitness. After running in the park for 3 weeks, I got VERY ambitious!

We are sponsored by our company to participated in the Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon. So ignorantly (or innocently), I signed up for a half marathon.

I didn't know what I got myself into until I started training. Like freaking 21km! The experienced marathoners must be laughing at me. Although I'm being ambitious, my goal was just to finish within the allocated time, which is 3.5 hours. I think it's doable. I think I can. I think I'm crazy enough to think I can ;)

Wish me all the very best and stay tuned for my training updates.

Let's marathon!

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