Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother - God's Angel On Earth

As requested by our pastor, I wrote this poem dedicated to all godly mothers!

Although God is evermore present,
He knows when teardrops get bitter
a child needs a little encouragement;
So He crafted and hand made mother.

Would He send us to earth all alone?
And leave us in the desert to wander?
His love, joy and peace - always shown
in the outstretched arms of mother.

Surely, God watches us night and day,
But who's there to kiss the wound better
and who'd kneel beside our crib to pray?
And hence He sent us, beloved mother.

When our childhood years finally began,
He knows, it'd be a challenging chapter;
That's why He had placed our tiny hand
securely in the loving palms of mother.

The days of youth slipped so quickly by,
Great or small, still a son or a daughter;
When all the stars rose higher in the sky,
Still one whom we turned to, was mother.

And when the many years of life shall end,
More treasured than diamond, gold or silver,
I know that a grand mansion is waiting in heaven
for that ever-deserving, ever-faithful mother.

God's angelic helper on earth, you are
one who've grown older yet much wiser;
Whether you're called mummy or mama,
Thank you and we love you, mother.


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