Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chai Diam Ma

Found out about Chai Diam Ma when I googled for Penang heritage attraction. There were photos posted, but very limited information available. Recommended by JenC's Little Corner, we decided to give it a try.

In Hokkien, chai diam ma means sundry shop or grocery shop. I remember in when I was growing up in Rifle Range, there was a chai diam ma below our flat that sells Paddlepop Rainbow ice-cream, which I used to love so very much and in Pepper estate, there were two chai diam mas, one which was closer to our home, and the other chai diam ma was just a minute away from the former. Here, my favourites were bubble gum and popsicle. Those were my memorable childhood years...

Anyway, I'm a Penangite who has yet to really explore the Pearl of Orient. If you have been following my blog, you'll notice I've been around and about Penang and around lately. We've been to Bukit Merah, the Penang War Museum (I didn't blog on this), Gunung Lang & around Ipoh, pasar malam, Moontree 47, Tanjung Bungah beach - learning and appreciating the beauty of my beloved state.

So, I didn't know where Queen Street was and with very vague idea of the whereabouts, we headed over for dinner last evening.

Thank God for Google Maps, it wasn't so difficult to find.

Chai Diam Ma @ 15 Lebuh Queen 10200 Penang.

An array of crafts from local artists are available for sale - keychains, earrings, necklaces, button badges, clothes, shoes, bags, wall arts and so many more. Check their Facebook Page.

A very quaint place to catch up with friends.

Very 'old' wall with matching deco.

Birds on the beam...

It's not magic, it's art and creativity.

Wok turned sink *interesting*

I love this window feature.

Even the drinks menu is so pretty.

There's no food menu - they serve different dishes almost daily.
They had 2 main dishes on the board, so we ordered one each.

Drinks are priced between RM3 to RM8.

Noodle soup with chicken and mushroom @ RM12

Tuna tortilla @ RM10

Overall, it's a great place to reminisce the sweet old days. If you're in Penang, Chai Diam Ma is surely a must visit. Experience the environment, enjoy the food and support the local artist.

Come see for yourself!
Mon, Wed & Thurs  11am-2pm & 6pm-9pm
Fri-Sun 11am-9pm
Closed on Tuesday


  1. hahaa.. i was born in Penang... rmb i always make noise to go chai diam ma to buy sugus sweet when i was a kid lolz

  2. the pictures looks great! ouh, I love their creativity for the menu.. ;)

  3. mao^gal: yeah sugus!!! one of my favs too :D

    fahmimustakim: it's a nice place and it's very vintage... i like! :P

  4. Aww I love this kind of places!!
    Too bad I just back from penang few days ago.. :(
    I wish to go there again!

  5. eLLyNeLLy: check it out when you're here again :D

  6. I have yet to visit Penang Heritage in my previous 3 trips there. Hope to do it next time!

  7. jam: Yeah you should! highly recommended! :D

  8. Nice! The food that I must eat when I'm in Penang are char kuey teow and asam laksa and cendol :D

  9. definitely... but make sure you go to the right ones, otherwise you'll pay for their cut-throat prices :D

  10. The place looks nice in the old antique look.

  11. thomas: yeah... that's the beauty of it all :D

  12. interesting...i think i might head there within these few days before heading back ipoh...

  13. yes you should! another place you should visit is:
    47, Muntri Street,
    10200 Georgetown,
    Penang, Malaysia
    Tel: 03-264 4021

  14. You take such nice pictures! (:

  15. vieleong: thanks! The effects done in instagram :)

  16. the pictures are awesome! u make me hungry hahaha..cant wait to try it ;)

  17. UyaRayza: you really should try it! it's a nice cosy place :D

  18. Ernest: thanks :D taken with iphone4, editted with instagram :D

  19. I don't like the foods there and pricey. Not worth the value.

    1. sc_ooi: I agree with you. That was my only experience at Chai Diam Ma ;)


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