Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Time

After tomorrow, so much I'll be missing...
My dreamy face you see not
when the clock ticks 8.30 in the morning,
My name you call not
when planning for lunch date and feasting,
My presence you feel not
when tea time calls for a break and chatting,
My voice you hear not
when telling stories or simply time killing,
My silhouette you reach not
I won't be sharing the laughter and everything
but i'll embrace the sweet memories and feelings
for friendship lasts for as long as we are living

Monday, December 20, 2010


Sunshine. Rainstorm.

Life's journey shapes us into our being – who we become, how we behave and why we be. There may be many hello’s, so are goodbye’s. So cherish the bittersweet experiences of getting to know someone because…

An unfortunate encounter is like a fish. It stinks and you cannot endure the stench. That's when you meet someone whom you'd never want to see again.

Some encounter is like a flower, which must be faced warily. It brings joy while it blossoms, and as it wilts, it is discarded. That's when the companionship is very attractive, yet it does not last.

A perfect encounter is like a handkerchief. It wipes away your sweat when you’re weighed down and your tears when you’re sad. That’s when you meet a dear friend who is always there with a hand to lend and a shoulder to cry on.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lunch, Anyone?

I decided to rekindle my love for cooking.

Ingredients, checked.
Time, checked.
Mood, checked.

First dish of the week. My style of aglio olio spaghetti.

Stuffed chick-cheese, topped with french beans, spinach and bell peppers, and garnished with parsley, coarse black pepper and coarse sea salt.

Side dish. Garlic chicken.

Stir fried with bell peppers garnished with parsley, coarse black pepper and coarse sea salt.

Bon apetit!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Blessing Or Curse?

Always has been, love is her truest friend
Not too long, can there be just one man
Aloneness, never has there been such a time
Like a full stop that can't find its place in a line

A big heart she has, more love she receives
Someone, somewhere, they come like gifts
Knowing well, acceptance will be offensive
But yes is possible, she secretly still believes

Saturday, December 4, 2010


How can you talk about it?
Are you even qualified to mention that word?
When you revealed her personal and work details, she didn't even say a word.

Do you even know how to be a friend?
Before you point your finger, friend, look into the mirror first.

Happy making good friends!

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