Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Empty Heart

I carry a giant heavy load
The burden on my back, slung obliquely
As I walk down this lonely road
Only warm breeze embraces my body

Some say this glass is half empty
I would say this glass is half full
But could wine continue to flow ceaselessly?
That the overflowing may wash away my blues

Can the glimpse of past memories be brought to reality?
Will those picturesque reminiscences return to stay?
If only peace and love could find the way back to me
Once again, we could share the stories from yesterday

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Tribute

To the man who devoted his entire life to make a difference and to achieve change in HK music industry...

Sitting alone accompanied only by my lonely shadow
A faint hint of hope from the street lamp hanging low
Reminiscing the beautiful times, the melodic years we shared
Wishing you've had the slightest glimpse of how much we cared

Your perseverance is highly valued and admired
Your passion is still deeply revered and respected
Your music is still greatly loved and appreciated

Your departure has left our realm forever marred and stained
Your determination, efforts and sacrifices were not in vain
The battle you fought, the struggles you had to go through
Even after a decade and a half, people still continue to praise you

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