Monday, March 29, 2010

He Is Our Comforter

When the money is good, the work's tough. It's the same for any work. Either it's the predicament or the people you need to deal with. So nothing comes easy, everything is earned.

When it seems difficult and down, these always come in time to comfort and keep me going: 

"Jamie did an amazing job today. She's an outstanding and excellent speaker. Please tell her, she's my idol."

"I'm very happy and appreciate Jamie's follow up. I miss her. She's a very caring person and I like talking to her."

Thank You, Lord, for bringing people to lift me up. I love You, Lord.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Have Something For ABCDEF

Yep, I really do... I have a soft spot for them. So let me introduce them:

(A)rabians - maybe it's their scruffy look
(B)razillians - their sexy tan and accent (oooh!)
(C)anadians - must be their beautiful red cheeks (from the cold weather)
(D)anish - accent as well
(E)nglish (Irish, Scottish and Welsh too) - definitely and 100% accent, maybe it's more than that, they always find a way to reach me *smile*
(F)rench - their romantic sense and accent

Oh, well... accent really get to me, but only gentlemen get through the door to my heart.

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